28.03-01.04 Update

Over the course of last week, there has work been done on the monuments of the Volkspark. Most of the statues have been recreated through photogrammetry. Meshroom created most of the statues in 3D, which helps in the progress of creating the environment.

Adjustable values in Meshroom that helped with the creation include:

- Mesh decimation

- Texture Resolution

- Bounding Box

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This week marked the finishing of creating the monuments in Meshroom. Every statue has a model of about 50k polygons. Cleanup still has to be done, to fix unwanted geometry and texture issues. With th

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The client wants to revitalize the park due to dying trees. This includes, but is not limited to, Footpaths, location of entries, and monuments. For this to happen, the Committee needs to have a conce