First Thoughts

This is the first blog entry for my graduation project. I’m going to document my process and thoughts on this blog.

The municipality of Enschede wants to modernize the Volkspark in the city center. The idea is to base the new park on the old version from 1874 when Mr. van Heek handed the park over to the people of Enschede. This was done to ensure fewer drunken workers and improved happiness overall.

Together with my IMT&S team, I’m going to develop a walkable scene, that displays the new park, based on concept art created by the concept artist, hired by the Volkspark committee.

Possibilities during this project for me include procedural generation and photogrammetry.

  • Procedural generation has the advantage of fast changes in later development cycles. It can be used to create pathways that align themselves to the border of the park. The paths could be created in Houdini.

  • Photogrammetry can help me to create 3D models of high quality. Scans of monuments/statues can be created by photographing the actual statue and use programms like Meshroom to create a 3D model. The 3D models can either be put into directly into the scene, or used as reference for models made from the ground up.

Right now, I’m more leaning toward photogrammetry, since it gives me more to work within this project.

My next update will be on the 18th of February. I will dive into the emphasize phase, which will be become more clear, due to a meeting with the client on the same day.

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