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The project was initialized through the municipality of Enschede, the Volkspark Committee, and the XR-Lab in Enschede. Enschede is a city in the east of the Netherlands. The city inhabits about 160.000 citizens, many of those being students.

The Volkspark Committee is a subsidiary of the municipality and was established to further develop the park, care for nature and present it in the best possible way to the people of Enschede.

The XR-Lab in Enschede offers a wide variety of equipment for students and a place to research projects together. Its focus is on the development of virtual- or augmented reality software. The lab is run by Mathijs Van Veen and is supported by a wide array of teachers from Saxion.

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This week marked the finishing of creating the monuments in Meshroom. Every statue has a model of about 50k polygons. Cleanup still has to be done, to fix unwanted geometry and texture issues. With th

Over the course of last week, there has work been done on the monuments of the Volkspark. Most of the statues have been recreated through photogrammetry. Meshroom created most of the statues in 3D, wh

In what way can I create an immersive experience for visualizing the Volkspark to get investors interested? Sub-Questions: In what way can performance be saved while trying to be as immersive as possi