Empathize & Multi-User Editing

This update is all about the empathize phase of this project, as well as Multi-User editing in the Unreal engine.


Empathizing was difficult for me at first, because the project was decided without my consent. The task was given to me with already completed concept art and vision. That’s why I had to make sure to understand the reasoning behind the whole project.

My contact person for the client, Bob Dickhoff, shed a bit of light on the whole situation. The two questions I had for him were the following:

  • Why did the munacipility want to change the park?

  • Why at this point in time?

The answer to both these questions was one and the same. The trees in the Volkspark are dying and need to be replaced. The committee used this situation to pitch a revitalization of the park and create something new and fresh for the people of Enschede.

Multi-User Editing

To prepare for our process of creating a virtual environment, we set up a version control through GitHub. But we wanted to push everything a step further. The Unreal Engine allows to set up Multi-User Editing, which allows multiple people to work in the same editor.

This took us a bit of time to figure out since the feature is meant for use in a single office. It does not allow by default to let people in different cities use the same editor. This meant that we had to set up a fake LAN connection to bridge our PCs. We used LogMeIn Hamachi for this purpose. We also had to tell our firewalls that we wanted to use the Unreal Engine with a specific port.

Thanks to the documentation of Epic, we could figure out the process well, and after a few changed settings with try and error, we succeeded in making the connection.

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