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In what way can I create an immersive experience for visualizing the Volkspark to get investors interested?


In what way can performance be saved while trying to be as immersive as possible?

Trying to build a large environment while aiming for a realistic art style is going to be performance-heavy. In order to achieve the desired style, research on the realistic depiction of architecture and foliage has to be done. This includes the measures that can be taken to improve performance (e.g., LoDs, culling).

Which improvements could be done to the initial design?

The Volkspark committee wants to develop the new park with having the 150-year-old version in mind. The goal is to invoke a feeling of reminiscence, even if no people from back then are still alive. The research for this has to include old pictures and articles, that provide the best possible view of the park. Especially important are objects that changed a lot during the timespan, like park benches, streetlights, and trashcans. These objects can encapsulate the Zeitgeist the best.

Which additional elements can enhance the immersiveness?

While the architecture and foliage of the park are the most important parts, additional elements could enhance the experience immensely. Particle effects and animations can improve the park environment and make it feel more alive. This goes as well for supplementary models. These could depict either people or animals. Research regarding performance has to be done, to find out which of these elements can be shown together with building and vegetation.

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