The dying of trees is an important part of nature. Not because it is pleasant, but something that has to be controlled. The aftermath of dying trees can among other things be severe ecohydrological problems through drought or bug infestation (Adams, et al., 2011). The municipality of Enschede faced this problem in the past and decided to revitalize the Volkspark in the city center.

Back in 1872, the Volkspark in Enschede was donated to the municipality by the van Heek family. For the last 150 years, the park thrived and was an essential part of the city. Due to the dying of the trees, the municipality of Enschede tasked the Volkspark Committee to create a new concept of a new park.

The goal is to create a park that is visually leaning towards the past version from 150 years ago. Concept drawings are created by an external concept artist, which in turn are being developed into a 3D environment. The end objective is for park visitors is to have a pleasant walk through the park without wasting too much time, while seeing nature and historical monuments.

The general idea for the project is to create 3D assets through tools/techniques that allows high-quality environment assets. Methods like photogrammetry are especially useful to recreate architectural objects and foliage at a certain level of detail.

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This week marked the finishing of creating the monuments in Meshroom. Every statue has a model of about 50k polygons. Cleanup still has to be done, to fix unwanted geometry and texture issues. With th

Over the course of last week, there has work been done on the monuments of the Volkspark. Most of the statues have been recreated through photogrammetry. Meshroom created most of the statues in 3D, wh

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