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Street Fighter 6
Lunar Showdown

Round 1...Fight!

Street Fighter on the moon.


A thought that came to me while playing the newest entry of the Street Fighter franchise. What if Ryu and Luke could duke it out on a space station?

That's why I developed a stage concept for a moon base in space. A technological marvel with the view of the earth that can give the players a satisfying experience.

The stage was designed with modular pieces in mind. It helped me to adjust the stage to my needs and didn't need to be designed in one piece from the beginning.

With detailes baked on low-poly models, I achieved a performance-light environment that maintains a smooth experience, even on less powerful hardware.

I created a gravel/moon surface material to closely mimic the moon. It gives me control over separate parts of the material and I can adjust it on the fly.

To make the Earth work, I needed to create two separate blueprints.

The first blueprint creates the surface with dynamic lighting based on the light that the sun casts.

The second blueprint manages the cloud animations.

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